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Sale & Purchase Forms

Sale & Purchase Forms

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  • Goods Sale Agreement Combo Packages

    Popular Goods Sale Agreement Combo Package for use in all states. This combo package contains the most popular and most frequently used forms. Purchasing this combo package will save you headaches, time and money and you will have the right form at your fingertips.

  • Asset Purchase Agreements & Sale of Business Forms

    Popular - Asset Purchase Agreements and Sale of Business Forms to be used during the sale of a business or its assets. Forms include assets purchase agreement, sale of business contracts, rights of first refusal and escrow agreements.

  • Conditional Sales Agreements

    Various agreements that are contingent based on the satisfaction of defined conditions.

  • Purchase Agreements

    Purchase Agreements to be used in various situations. These forms include a general purchase agreement, amendment to purchase agreement and agreements to purchase a yacht or logo.

  • Artist and Gallery Consignment Agreement

    Artist and Gallery Consignment Agreement for use when a gallery agrees to sell an artist's works on a consignment basis. This form sets out the detailed terms of the agreement and can easily be customized to fit your needs. Take advantage of an attorney's expertise for a fraction of the cost!

  • Assignment & Assumptions

    Various assignment and assumption agreements when purchasing and selling goods.

  • Certificates

    Various certificates for use when purchasing or selling goods.

  • Consignment Agreements

    Various agreements to use when selling goods by consignment.

  • Escrow Agreements

    Escrow Agreements to be used when purchasing or selling a business or specific goods. Included are authorizations to escrow agent and an escrow agreement.

  • Layaway Agreement

    Layaway Agreement for use by businesses who offer layaway to their customers. This form sets out the terms including the customer's name and contact information, items placed on layaway, dates for payments and when the items must be picked up. When you purchase this form you take advantage of an attorney's expertise for a fraction of the cost.

  • Loan Agreement for Goods (Revolving)

    Revolving Loan Agreement between a customer and a small business or shop owner who allows its customers to pay for purchases via a revolving loan account. This form sets forth the payment schedule, credit limit and interest and finance charges. Why hire an attorney when you can take advantage of an attorney's expertise at a fraction of the cost?

  • Notices for Sales and Purchases

    Notices relating to various business-related transactions. These forms include notices of breach of contract, past due payment and conditional acceptance.

  • Personal Property Exchange Agreement

    Personal Property Exchange Agreement between two parties who will exchange real estate for personal property. This agreement specifies how the real estate will be conveyed and that a bill of sale will be exchanged.

  • Receipt for Goods

    Receipt for Goods documents receipt for acceptance of goods. This form is used in conjunction with a delivery or purchase order and can easily be tailored to fit your needs. Protect your rights for a fraction of the cost.